Communication Management

Northern Training Division
Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Timmins, Distance
Program Length: 1 Day

Gain the skills needed to handle all types of communication situations with an open, adaptable, genuine, and self-confident approach. Be able to build collaborative relationships based on trust and respect to build an effective working environment.

Delivery: This course is taught in-person and virtually over zoom.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the fundamental components of communication (verbal, non-verbal, para-verbal).
  • Recognize strategies to avoiding communication breakdown.
  • Learn how to take personal responsibility in communication.
  • Identify tools for active listening.
  • Learn how to interpret non-verbal cues.
  • Learn how to manage filters and assumptions.
  • Be able to manage, mitigate, and positively resolve emotionally charged communication.

Course Benefits

  • Appreciate the value of applying a communication process model.
  • Be more aware of the outcomes of good communication.
  • Know what to say and the best way to say it.
  • Gain insight in creating value in conversations.
  • Appreciate and bridge communication styles (closing the gaps).
  • Understand the importance of active listening.
  • Achieve genuine communication by creating openness.



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