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Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Distance

Northern College’s beginner driving program is an ideal choice for those looking to gain the skills and knowledge needed to become a safe driver.

Our Driver’s Education program is offered in-class, online, and through in-car instruction.

The program is designed by experts who provide high-quality training, tailored to the individual student’s pace, availability, and learning style.

The comprehensive program equips students with the practical and theoretical knowledge of driving necessary to successfully pass their G1 and G2 road tests.


For more information, please contact or 705-235-7231.

Driver's Education Programs

Online Program

Cost: $769.95 + Tax

The program includes:

  • 20 hours of online instruction that can be done independently and at your own pace.
  • 10 hours of Homelink online course required by the the Ministry of Transportation.
  • 10 hours of in-car instruction

Online Program with G1 Exit Test Lesson

Cost: $1,027.90 + Tax

The program includes everything from the Online Program, plus:

  • 2 extra hours of in-car instruction
  • 1 hour lesson before G1 exit (to get G2 licence) with use of the Northern College car for road test

Online Program with G1 Exit and G2 Exit Test Lessons

Cost: $1,104.89 + Tax

The program includes everything from the Online Program with G1 Exit Test Lesson, plus:

  • 1 hour lesson before G2 exit (to get G licence) with use of the Northern College car for road test

G1 or G2 Exit Road Test Preparation

Cost: $237.86 + Tax

The course includes:

  • 2 hours of in-car instruction.
  • 1 hour of in-car instruction before road test
  • Use of the Northern College car to complete road test.

For more information, please contact or or 705-235-7231.

In-Car Lessons

We also offer hourly lessons in-car with our instructor.

Book extra hours to improve your driving skills and confidence, to practice specific maneuvers such as parallel parking or lane changing, or as a genreal refresher before going for a road test

Cost: $79.29 per hour + Tax

Northern College Driver's Ed instruction car parked outside Timmis Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the fees on our website are for our programs and courses only.

Yes, if the program is successfully completed the student can complete their G2 road test in 8 months rather than 1 year.

Homelink was originally designed by the Ministry of Transportation for the in-class course when there was no online course available. This Ministry approved online course is now required to complete Driver’s Education programs and consists of 10 hours of online course work through Homelink.

You can write your G1 test at any Drive Test Center in Ontario.

Yes! A student can start the online class before they turn 16, we recommend that they start 3 months prior to their 16th birthday, therefore when they turn 16 they can write the G1 test and start driving right away.

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