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Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Timmins

Introduction to Photography – Getting to Know Your Camera

This course is designed to empower new photographers to level up from shooting in Automatic Mode to Manual Mode. Over the course of 8 weeks (held on Thursdays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm), participants will learn what terms like ISO, Shutter, and Aperture mean, and how these settings can elevate their images. Participants will also learn about different types of cameras, lenses and more.  By the end of the course, everyone will be able to explain what type of photography their “eye” lies in, and feel confident they’ve found the right path to achieve the types of images they’re interested in creating.

Required: a DSLR Camera with a Manual setting. Participants are required to bring their own camera that fits the criteria above (however, it does not matter if your camera has a removeable lens or not). Teaching will be focused on learning the options available to your camera.

Note: this is a beginner skill level course. It is designed for those who have very little to no experience in using the manual mode on their camera, and who are new to (or struggling with) properly setting ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. While anyone aged 13+ is welcome to register, please know that if you feel the instruction level is too basic for your current skill level, we cannot offer a refund nor a credit to a more advanced class. If you are not sure if this is the right class for you, please email with your current photography experience and our Program Assistant will reach out to you to discuss. For those looking for a more advanced class, we encourage you to reach out to the email above and request to be contacted when one is open for registration.

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