Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher

Northern Training Division
Credential Earned: Training Certificate
Campus: Timmins
Program Length: 2 Days / 3 Days

Joint Health and Safety Committee Refresher Certification is required to be completed prior to the expiration of your 3-year Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification.

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Course Description

Module 1 – Rights, Duties, Responsibilities of the JHSC
• Legal Requirements
• Joint Health and Safety Committee Functions
• Committee Rights and Duties
• Assessing Health and Safety Hazards
• Recommending Action to Control Health and Safety Hazards
• JHSC Procedures

Module 2 – Rights, Duties, Responsibilities and Functions of Certified Members
• The Role of the Certified Member
• The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
• Dangerous Circumstances
• The Right to Stop Work
• Work Refusal Process
• Bilateral Stop-Work Procedure
• Unilateral Stop Work Procedure
• Communication
• Skill Upgrading

Module 3 – Roles, Duties and Responsibilities of Workplace Parties
• Duties of Employers and Other Persons
• Duties of Constructors
• Duties of Employers
• Duties of Supervisor
• Rights of Workers
• Duties of Workers
• Health and Safety and the Law
• Internal Responsibility System (IRS)
• Ham Commission

Module 4 – Hazard Assessment
• Introduction
• Hazard Analysis
• Risk Evaluation
• Hazard Control
• Work Practices

Module 5 – Workplace Inspections
• Purpose
• Preparing for an Inspection
• Planning for an Inspection
• Conducting an Inspection
• Emergency Equipment
• Health and Safety Board
• Review and Reporting
• Follow Up
• Workplace Inspection Kit

Module 6 – Changes or Updates to Legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice
• Changes, Updates to Legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice
• Changes, Updates to Legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice Links
• Codes of Practice Links
• New Advances in Occupational Health and Safety Best Practices
• New Hazards that have Emerged in the Workplace

Module 7 – Group Activity
• Scenario #1
• Scenario #2

Module 8 – Additional Tools
• Hazard Assessment Form (blank)
• Hazard Assessment Form for Icy Surface at Front Entrance (Example)
• Health and Safety Action Plan (blank)
• Healthy and Safety Action Plan for Control of Slips, Trips and Falls at the Front Entrance (Example)

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