Micro-credentials: Veterinary Sciences

Large Animal Micro-Credential

Are you interested in large animal medicine and wildlife, but find that you are lacking the experience and additional training required to be competent in the field? Is your current employer absolutely swamped with work and unable to find the time to help you develop those skills? Then these certificates may be your answer!

Northern’s Large Animal and Wildlife Certificate programs are designed by leading industry experts to provide additional training and experience to graduates of a recognized veterinary technician program. 

Each micro-credential will be primarily comprised of study materials and assignments that can be completed at your own pace, from within your current veterinary practice. At each session’s end, there will be an in-person training and skills evaluation. Completion of all 6 micro-credentials results in a Large Animal and Wildlife Certificate issued by Northern College.

The successful candidates will be able to function independently and confidently in establishing health monitoring and programs as part of a complete veterinary service delivery team.  

How It Works

Veterinary Sciences: Large Animal Micro-Credential

This is a suite of micro-credentials. Each micro-credential varies in length. Each micro-credential is badged and the completion of all micro-credentials results in a certificate. These micro-credentials are offered online with cumulative Farm School Assessment in Haileybury, Ontario or varied locations.

What You Will Take

Registration Opens in 2024
VT5011 Dairy Cattle Health Production Medicine and Software (Dairy Cattle I)
VT5021 Dairy Calf Health (Dairy Cattle II)
VT5031 Beef Cattle Health
VT5061 Pigs

To be offered at a later date
VT5041 Small Ruminants
VT5001 Equine Health
VT5051 Poultry Care

Contact Us

Not sure where to start? For questions about this training option, please contact NCMicro@northern.on.ca

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