Beef Health

Credential Earned: Micro-Credential
Campus: Distance
Program Length: Flexible

This micro-credential was designed by Dr. Gabriel Jantzi, President of the Ontario Association of Bovine Practioners and beef veterinarian. These micro-credentials are offered online with farm school assessments in Haileybury, Ontario or other locations. Successful candidates will be able to function independently and confidently as part of a veterinary service delivery team. Micro-credentials are an ideal option for achieving badges of completion for professional development that can be also placed in LinkedIn accounts.


Modules include:

Cattle Behaviour and Safe Handling
Identify aggressive animals, use flight zones to move animals, safely handle a herd of cattle, isolate an individual animal from a herd for treatment, and safely handle animals.

Restrain animals using appropriate techniques to the procedure, operate chutes and squeezes, safely use a halter, and tie
quick-release knots.

Beef Farming in Ontario
Converse easily with beef farmers regarding farm operation, and discuss the goals and standards of the beef industry.

Realistic Expectations
Understand bovine respiratory disease, risk categories for incoming cattle, implants, and the economics of cattle care.

Non-Invasive Procedures
Become confident performing these four scores for individual cattle and groups of cattle: body condition score, manure score, rumen fill score, and locomotion score.

Jugular and Coccygeal Blood Sampling
Become comfortable administering medication in a beef animal’s jugular vein, placing an IV catheter, and “hitting the tail vein.”

Performing a Necropsy
Learn how to quickly and efficiently perform a necropsy.

Competently perform euthanasia, safely handle equipment, and perform secondary methods of euthanasia.

Common Administration Routes
Learn to administer medication orally and to administer treatment using a nasogastric tube. Learn to provide medication intranasally, intramuscularly, subcutaneously, and via an epidural.

In House Procedures
Learn to perform laboratory tests in-house, process samples collected during breeding soundness exams. Clean, sterilize and prepare surgical equipment, and manage inventory.

Introduction to Telemedicine
Be able to describe legal requirements for practicing veterinary medicine and create the veterinary client patient relationship framework.

Assessment for Transportation
Learn to discuss legal requirements for transportation of animals and help farmers enumerate transport options.

Common Animal Care Tasks
Learn different processing tasks and describe ways to process a calf efficiently.

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