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The University of Fredericton’s Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Systems (COHSES) program is considered to be a “part of the pathway” to becoming an established Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) professional. Graduates of the program learn how to bridge the gap and effectively communicate their plans at both the worker level and the managerial and executive level.

This entire certificate program consists of self-paced material. Students progress through the program in 8-week terms and will receive guidance and feedback from a Faculty Member.

All courses in University of Fredericton’s COHSES program focus on a process-based approach to Occupational Health and Safety. The curriculum is not limited to a jurisdiction’s legislative framework; rather, it is a far-reaching collection of ‘best practices’ as identified by OHS professionals from a wide range of jurisdictions and legislative backgrounds.

Regulatory bodies are working to standardize how occupational health and safety is practiced in Canada. As the demand for OHS professionals continues to grow, elevated qualifications have been put in place to raise the standard of national OHS practice.

To pursue professional certification, individuals must complement their industry experience with professional development and education. Returning to the classroom is daunting, committing time is a challenge, and choosing a program can be difficult. Most working professionals require flexibility more than anything, and University of Fredericton aims to accommodate that need with accessible, fully-online program delivery.


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