Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Northern College’s Integrated Emergency Services Complex is state of the art, and one of a kind 40,000 square foot facility that houses our Emergency Services programming alongside active, working emergency service providers.

Northern’s Emergency Services programs are delivered in our unparalleled state-of-the-art Integrated Emergency Services Complex (IESC). Our programs are delivered alongside working professionals in Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services/Paramedics, and Policing Services used by the City of Timmins to keep people safe every day.  As a student here, you will have the unique opportunity to interact with trained professionals working in their field and learn from them as you study.

This unique learning environment promotes the interdisciplinary cooperation that emergency services utilize in the professional realm, ensuring that our graduates have a well-rounded, experiential understanding of the field as they actively complete their studies.

Each program based in the IESC offers a combination of lab and actual on-the-job equipment used for practical training, comfortable classrooms and training spaces, and knowledgeable professionals from a variety of professional backgrounds. We have working fire trucks, ambulances, and police cruisers to use, as well as space to practice all kinds of emergency situations, including live fire in our burn building with real smoke and a constantly changing and ever-challenging multi-level inside space to keep you alert and ready for rescue.

Since the College owns the structure, you get first dibs to use it over other fire fighters. Challenging training scenarios are taken from real life experiences to make you invincible in the field. You will be learning the skills you need to work across Ontario, and even North America, in Emergency Services by getting your education with us.

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