Marketing Assistant

Continuing Education
Credential Earned: Micro-Credential
Campus: Distance
Program Length: Flexible


This micro-credential provides the student the opportunity to study subjects which will prepare them for a position within a marketing firm or related environments. Students who have successfully completed the courses below can continue into our two-year Business Marketing diploma program.


Course Costs

Costs vary by individual course. Please see Course Descriptions for more information.


Introduction to Marketing

MR1073 Introduction to Marketing (45 Hours)

Monthly Intakes

This course is an informative introduction into marketing. Students will become acquainted with current Canadian marketing concepts, terminology and practices, examine strategies to apply them to contemporary marketing situations, and gain an understanding of how they affect an organization’s profitability. Students will also explore consumer and business marketing, product planning, building customer relationships and creating customer value. This course provides a basic understanding of Canadian marketing structures and techniques including defining and segmenting target markets and interpreting market research data.

Domestic: $386.35

International: $913.30

Professional Selling

MR3063 – Professional Selling (42 Hours)

Semester Intakes

This course is designed to provide students with the essential skills required to be a sales professional in a Business-to-Business (B2B) environment. The course will explore computer and communication technologies as they apply to business-to-business selling and will provide an introduction to the use of customer relationship management (CRM) and web selling. Students will develop their skills by creating a detailed step-by-step sale simulation of a product or service using a consultative approach and creating a win-win environment for both the prospect and the seller delivered via YouTube.

Domestic: $367.48

International: $859.30

Intro to Business Management and Organization Behaviour

NO-BU1073  – Intro to Business Management and Organization Behaviour

Monthly Intakes

This subject is an examination of the contemporary Canadian business environment including the organization, leadership and management decision process which influences the behaviour of individuals and groups. Increased global competition, technological change and the rising expectations of both employees and employers have underlined the need for improved and more effective leadership. This subject provides a better understanding of this process.

Domestic: $367.48

International: $859.30

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