Project Management (International Students)

Post-Secondary Programs
Credential Earned: Graduate Certificate
Campus: Timmins
Program Length: 2 Semesters

Program Code: B290

The Project Management Program is an Ontario College graduate certificate. The program prepares graduates to use a highly marketable skillset that they will develop in overall project management and leadership.

Courses in this program focus on planning, scheduling, costing, as well as procurement and contract management.

This program includes a capstone project to demonstrate your knowledge in a real world setting and with real projects.

Career Opportunities
Advocacy, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Critical thinking and Change Management skills in particular, are areas identified as being in strong demand. Graduates will have a unique opportunity to blend their background with the leadership and management outcomes AHRM.

Upon graduation, student may find themselves working in one of these fields with Federal, Provincial, Local, Regional, First Nations, or Non-Profit organizations as:

  • Project manager
  • Administrative officer
  • Business services manager

Additional Information
This program has been developed with the intention to mirror learning requirements of the Project Management Institutes’ Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Upon competition of this program student will be prepare to apply to the PMI certification process and start their journey in eventually becoming Professional Project Managers.

This program requires an internship program, as per Northern College Policy: Students are required to find their own placements positions with an acceptable employer. This position will be approved by program leads and the Work Integrated Learning officer.

Contact Information

For questions about being admitted into the program, please contact Northern College Admissions at or by phone at 705-235-3211 ext. 7222.

For questions about the content of the program, contact the Program Coordinator.

Jane Petroni
Program Coordinator


Admission Requirements

1. Ontario equivalent of a three-year college diploma/university degree

2. English Proficiency

  • IELTS (Academic): overall 6.5 with no band less than 6


If your country of citizenship has English as its official language, we may accept alternate proof of English Proficiency.

All educational documents must be submitted in English and will be dependent on the country of citizenship.

For more information, please contact

Semester 1
BU1513 – General Business Principles

In this course, students will be introduced to comprehensive business skillsets and will be provided with complete instruction in business concepts and skills students need in today’s competitive environment. This course will offer extensive coverage in major business concepts in the areas of finance, Marketing, operations, and Management. Students will gain valuable information and skills for the workplace, as well as preparation for success in competitive events. Each skillset in general business principles can be applied in daily business interactions and serve valuable in the execution of projects as they affect the organization.

BU1523 – Business Communication

In this course, students will learn effective communication skills needed to be successful in the workplace. This course will allow students to learn and develop comprehensive writing and communication structures. Using communication techniques, business writing processes, and the development of cohesive business reports and proposals, students will get the foundational elements required to be effective communicators in a professional business setting.

BU1463 – Project Planning

In this course, students will expand on their basic understanding of project management. They will learn supporting functions of managing time effectively, conflicts, and other special topics used to help in understanding predictors for success and management support. The focus will be on organizational behavior required for planning, scheduling and controlling the project.

BU1443 – Project Scheduling

In this course, students will learn and develop project management skills using the Microsoft Project platform. Students will learn basic and intermediate skills from the development of project plans, building tasks and assigning resources to advanced scheduling and detailed reporting. Students will be tasked with exercises to test their skills and development. This course will be instrumental in putting together their project plan and management for their capstone course. Effective project managers utilize Microsoft Project to effectively plan, schedule and allocate resources – and ensure efficient project completion. Students build expertise in managing constraints including time limits, human resources, materials, budget and specifications. Students master techniques for estimating, forecasting, budgeting, tracking progress and analyzing project performance

Semester 2
BU1473 – Project Leadership

In this course, students will learn and develop a comprehensive skillset to the human side of project management. This course addresses the key leadership skills and managerial styles needed to effectively manage a project team, encompassing a number of key topics including team building, project governance, negotiation and networking and empowerment and collaboration. Students will master the fundamental knowledge needed to become a project leader. Using the information, examples and exercises in the course, students will learn the best ways to effectively manage teams, stakeholders and participants, whilst hitting targets throughout the project lifecycle.

BU1483 – Project Cost and Finance Management

In this course, students will learn the challenges of cost and value management in projects. They will focus on cash and value management through assessing project needs, developing, and understanding cost estimates, determining proper project budgets and activity-based costing methods. They will learn project cost control systems and its effect on cash flow management along with sources of project financing. They will gain an understanding of the concept of value and how to measure value and learn how to integrate cost and value into their projects.

BU1493 – Procurement and Contract Management

In this course, Students will learn project procurement and contracting processes and clarify agreements between buyers and sellers. Topics such as procurement, conducting a tendering process, negotiating and administering contracts are explored. By participating in discussions, analyzing readings and conducting research, students develop an understanding of the legal implications of contracts as they relate to project success.

BU1453 – Project Risk Management

In this course, Students will learn how to manage project risks as they pertain to both the project itself and the stakeholders. Students will learn how to identify risks and determine their threat level and impact. This course will examine national and international risks compiled with both internal and external contexts. The response options and types of proposed treatment actions available for project risks are examined and validated against systematic project risk management and culturally shaped perspectives.

BU1467 – Project Management Capstone

Project managers add value to their organizations and various stakeholder groups through the application of their knowledge, skills, and talents. The Project Management Capstone course is your opportunity to use the knowledge you have acquired thus far, in a realistic setting. You will put to work your understanding of the five process groups and ten knowledge areas to demonstrate your readiness to take up new project challenges and launch a career in the project management profession. The intent is to use the project management body of knowledge in real world applied settings. You will have a broad range of choices in adopting a project for course work purposes. The instructor shall provide alternative assignments if logistical challenges are encountered.

GN1443 Indigenous Culture and Awareness

This general education course will provide students with an introduction to Canadian Indigenous Nations’ history, sovereignty, land titles, cultural history and current critical issues. Topics addressed include the content of Indigenous rights, economic and social development, community and political processes, and business law and policies, justice & social services. Canadian Indigenous History and Relations is a general education course that has been incorporated into all programs at Northern College.

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