Haileybury School of Mines

Haileybury School of Mines

Looking to the Future

Canada is committed to a carbon neutral economy by 2050. This means that we have less than 30 years to create methods of transportation and manufacturing that use alternative methods of energy instead of fossil fuels.

In order to make alternative methods more affordable and accessible, we will require more precious metals harvested from the ground. This is good news for the world’s mining industry will have to be doubled, tripled or even more to meet the demand..

We anticipate Northern Ontario’s mining industry will expand dramatically over the next 30 years. Therefore, the Mining, Instrumentation and Mineral Exploration programs at Northern College will have to expand dramatically.

Graduates of the Haileybury School of Mines are ready to work in mining methods but also in milling, metallurgy, surveying, and engineering aspects of mining. The 2 year Mining Engineering Technician Diploma is well respected across the mining industry.

This program is unique in its design with online classes, and recorded lectures that support those already working in the mining industry, as well as full time students. Studies include everything from mineralogy and geology, to mineral processing and mining physics, to surface and underground mining techniques, to communications and naturally, occupational health and safety where the basic causes of accidents and/or injuries are studied.

In addition to the 2 year mining program, Haileybury School of Mines also delivers a one year Mineral Exploration Techniques program which provides essential skills needed to work in mineral exploration including geology, sampling methods, and field school practice.

As a complement to the 2 year Mining Technician diploma, HSM also offers an excellent Instrumentation and Control Technician program. Graduates of this program are also highly regarded in a variety of industries including mining, power generation, and manufacturing.

Additional specialty training courses like Mining Essentials, Diamond Driller Assistant, Underground Hard Rock Miner, and Surface Miner support the ever increasing demand for training in the mining sector.

Over a Century of Excellence

Haileybury Campus HSM display
Haileybury Campus HSM display

Located in Temiskaming Shores is the Haileybury School of Mines (HSM), the internationally known institution that has been training and educating some of the world’s best miners and technicians for more than a century. Northern College’s Haileybury Campus was formerly the  HSM building.

The school was born out of the need to meet the ever-increasing demand for technically trained miners for the legendary silver camp in Cobalt, in the early 1900s. The Haileybury School of Mines filled that need and now more than 100 years later it’s still providing highly trained technicians that continue to be in demand by mining companies across Canada, and throughout the world.


HSM is committed to:

  • Being creative, optimistic, flexible educators and lifelong learners
  • Assuring we are open, consultative, accountable, and that we act with personal responsibility and integrity
  • Maintaining a caring, friendly atmosphere
  • Pursuing partnerships and entrepreneurial opportunities to better serve our stakeholders
  • Using our resources responsibly and ethically
  • Developing employability linked to global opportunities
  • Enhancing the participation/enrolment of international students locally and abroad
  • Serving as a global center of excellence and innovation in the resource sector Guiding Principles
  • Learn to earn
  • Portable skills for global careers
  • Real-world, hands-on experience
  • Learning for life
  • Value for your learning investment
  • Responsiveness and responsibility to our communities


The Haileybury School of Mines (HSM) has a long and respectable history dating back to 1912. Over 2,000 graduates have come through HSM and have pursued careers in mining and mining-related fields throughout North America and around the world.

In addition to training students at home and welcoming international students to Haileybury, HSM has also provided expertise to schools of mines in Zimbabwe and Chile, and has taken the lead on numerous international mining education and training projects.The Haileybury School of Mines filled that need and now more than 100 years later it’s still providing highly trained technicians that continue to be in demand by mining companies across Canada, and throughout the world.

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