Course Outlines

Course Outlines

When transferring out of Northern you may need to provide the receiving institution your transferring courses outlines.

If you no longer have access to your student portal then you will need to fill-out and submit a Course Outline Request Form (PDF, 78 KB).

Haileybury Campus –
Kirkland Lake Campus –
Timmins Campus –

Please note: You can include payment information on the form. Or payments can be made through the Student Portal. Ensure to select other and indicate “for course outline” when making payment through the portal.

If you are requesting a course outline greater than 5 years old, please email before completing the request form and making payment to confirm availability of the course outline(s).

Course Outline Request Form (PDF, 78 KB)

How to Submit a Request

The course code and section must be accurate and should be present on your transcript. This will determine the appropriate outline for the time period that you attended.

Ensure that you indicate how you would like to receive your documents, either by e-mail, mail or campus location pick-up.

Payment can be made at Student Services on campus or online through your account of the Student Portal.

Payment in full must be made in order for us to process a Course Outline Request.

If paying by Credit Card then ensuring all information on the form is complete including a valid expiry date. Cheques or money orders can be included for mail-in options but payment by debit or cash must be made at one of the four campuses locations. Fees to process the request are non-refundable.

Send the completed Course Outline Request form, including payment section complete, to Student Services by either email, mail or fax.


Northern College
P.O. Box 3211
Timmins, ON
P4N 8R6


What Happens Next

  • Your request will be provided to and processed by the appropriate Program Assistant.
  • Once retrieved the course outline will be emailed, or mailed to you.
  • If you choose to pick-up your outline, and this option is available, then you will be contacted and arrangements will be made.
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