Indigenous Advising

Indigenous Student Advising and Support Services

Indigenous Advisors are available to meet with you for support and for any questions or needs you may have.

Indigenous Advisors create a welcoming environment and ensure students are supported throughout the course of their college experience. They bring a cultural lens to supporting students and their opportunities for success. Advisors also work collaboratively with our Elders on Campus program to bring knowledge and culture to our campuses for everyone.

Services Offered

Northern College encourages and welcomes all cultural events and activities on and off campus. A number of events and activities are planned throughout the year to celebrate Indigenous Traditions and Teachings.

Our goals are to:

  • Share Indigenous culture across campus activities and in the classroom
  • Assist students with funding applications
  • Support and enhance your college experience

Elders on Campus

Elders are available to anyone with an interest in learning more about Indigenous knowledge, culture or to anyone who would like to speak to an Elder for support. Elders are historians, advisors, counsellors, spiritual guides and healers who act as teachers and safeguard traditional knowledge through transmission of culture and language. Elders on Campus will be offered at all four campuses to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

Elders can:

  • Mentor and motivate the community to incorporate traditional Indigenous knowledge with the life of being as student
  • Foster intergenerational and cultural connections
  • Contribute to as safe, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere and model unconditional acceptance
  • Emphasize the importance of spiritual wellness in one’s education
  • Introduce the entire College community to the rich traditions and talent in the Aboriginal community
  • Share with the community their knowledge and experience about issues, cultures, and concerns
  • Consult and guide the community of how to incorporate a holistic worldview in curriculum development and delivery

Northern College recognizes the significant role of traditional knowledge and the importance of passing such teachings to future generations. The College is pleased to provide Elders on Campus who foster the well-being of students and staff by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with the College community.  Elders value education, support students, and inspire an enriched environment of cultural understanding and diversity.  During the academic year, students and staff can consult and converse with an Elder who may provide one-on-one mentoring, share cultural teachings, support curriculum and learning, and participate in events that reflect, celebrate, and respect Indigenous knowledge and culture.

Elders on Campus will support pride in language, culture, and history.

Roasting Marshmallows


Haileybury Campus & Kirkland Lake Campus
Monique Lafond
705-567-9291 ext. 3626

Timmins Campus
Joseph Nakogee
705-235-3211 ext. 2233

Moosonee Campus
Willard Small
705-336-2913 ext. 5603

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