Student Life Advising

Student Life Advising

The definition of Student Life is continuously changing and is defined by the individual, often connected to trends on campus.

Whether you are now a student or thinking of becoming a student, you will quickly learn that your educational journey presents many challenges. You will have new responsibilities including finances, studying, partying, socializing, events, balancing, struggling, succeeding and even failing. Some of you may be on your own for the first time, have to set your own alarm clock, have meals alone and get to class. We are here to help you through this journey!

Student Life Advisors are available to assist you with any of your student needs whether it be to connect you to resources or be available to meet and chat. We are your supporters for personal, social or academic matters.

Services from our Student Life Advisors

General Information and Guidance

  • General information on programs offered at Northern College and at other colleges and universities
  • Career guidance, research and information
  • Referrals to resources within the college or community
  • Prior Learning Assessment Learning (transfer credit information)


Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Provide information on human rights, student rights and responsibilities
  • Aids the resolution of student code of conduct matters
  • Promote and advocate for a safe, secure and comfortable environment for study and living
  • Individual, group and classroom support

 Student Academic Concerns

  • Guide the process and support students for academic appeals
  • Offer learning supports as needed
  • Implement student success initiatives


Promotion and Awareness

  • Campaign for and promote relevant student related topics
  • Support student led groups and initiatives
  • Create opportunities for students to participate in various campus events
students canoeing

In addition, Student Life Advisors work closely with the Northern College Student Association (NCSA) on each campus.

Campus Contacts

Haileybury Campus
Annette Rondeau

Kirkland Lake Campus
Tyler-Anne Cumming

Moosonee Campus
Willard Small

Timmins Campus
Kylee Verreault
705-235-3211 ext. 7214

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